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Precise Gluten Free Mixes are great tasting products, made with carefully researched non-gmo ingredients. Packaged at a dedicated Top-8-Free facility because safety is our number one priority. We know that food is only as safe as the environment it is made in. 

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We have a child with multiple food allergies and I was thrilled to find a waffle mix with no gluten, corn, potato or nuts! She loves it. I wish it was less expensive but I’m really happy with the product.

Amanda J Daniels

Having Celiac Disease most of my life, I have tried numerous GF mixes and products. This ease of using, consistently and taste is like I remember foods tasting with gluten.

Jaime Hechtman-Ulloa

These are fantastic tasting pancakes! They are light and fluffy and easy to make! I highly recommend!

Brian Sterling

Great tasting pancake mix, most others that are gluten free taste terrible or have zero taste at all. I will be a repeat customer!!

Chris R.

My daughter made the oatmeal cookie mix and added chocolate chips to the cookies and they were so delicious--chewy and so yummy. So nice to know that you are eating a yummy cookie without all the artificial ingredients.

Corinne Sorisi


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