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How Precise Gluten Free Foods Began

Inspired by her daughter’s unexplained health issues, Mayra Robayo began on a journey to explore every avenue to help her feel well. The toddler was constantly complaining that her belly was hurting, and suspicions of severe food allergies were confirmed by extensive allergy testing. Mayra started to experiment with eliminating everything questionable from her daughter’s diet. 

It wasn’t until Mayra’s daughter was around 4 years old that things turned up a notch as the family learned of a gluten intolerance. The concerned mother bought a multitude of cookbooks, cleaned out her kitchen, and bought everything new to avoid cross contamination. Mayra began baking everything from scratch including all gluten-heavy items from bread to pancakes. Plus, to cover all bases, even making her own ketchup, mayonnaise, and everything in between.

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Through the process of elimination, part of the problem was revealed to be the chemicals used in the production of the store-bought goods. Buying “organic” and things labeled “gluten-free” was simply not cutting it. So, Mayra did more research to see what else is actually included in those products and was quite surprised by the findings.

It took a lot of experimentation and elimination of commonly used chemicals in processed foods, but about 6 months later Mayra’s daughter started feeling symptom-free. Lo and behold as the gluten, nuts, and chemicals were eliminated from her daily routine, the difference in the child was clear and distinct. The Robayo family at least now had some answers and were on their way to healthy eating and living.

So began Mayra’s dedication to helping others through her homemade recipes and a new direction in her business life. For this successful marketing manager of 10 years, the focus had to shift, and a business was born. 

Precise Gluten Free takes the time and care to not only develop products that are gluten, nut and allergy friendly, but Mayra started to build a community in which she could share recipes perfected in her own kitchen. Precise offers parents and allergy-sensitive people easy mixes to enjoy some of their favorite products. Lord knows, Mayra tried them all, but was finding no suitable substitute on the market that was inclusive to all the different allergies.

Perfecting the Pancakes

Mayra’s middle son lives for pancakes on Sunday morning, but the stuff on the supermarket shelf, while gluten-free, was just not the same. Thus, it became her mission to satisfy the young man’s pancake dreams. Mayra toiled long and hard in the kitchen to get the right mix for her toughest critic (who may or may not had proclaimed that she “ruined his life!”) until she had a breakthrough – about two years later! Her son’s eyes lit up when tasting the latest version and said, “It’s better than Bisquick!”

Word spread quickly through their circle, and friends started asking Mayra to sell them some of her mixes. That’s when her husband suggested she needed to start a business. From there the journey was long, and a lot of leg work needed to be done, to prepare to enter a competitive food industry.

Precise GF’s Mission

Mayra’s main mission for the business is to be all-inclusive and have every individual to not feel ostracized for requiring special treatment. One of the goals of the company is making products that everyone can enjoy that is both great tasting and free of chemicals. Each recipe is made with love and the thought of the sadness she felt for her little girl being treated differently. 

“It is important for me to bring food allergy awareness to the community. There are a lot of misconceptions and a lack of knowledge about food allergies, so I have done talks for local boy and girl scout groups and business leaders about our journey. I take the time to explain all about food allergies, while also talking about compassion, empathy, and knowing who we truly are as a community. This is what makes us better people and the world a better place. We have also provided safe snacks for local school fundraisers, so no child is left out.” – Mayra Robayo

About Mayra Robayo

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Friends would describe Mayra as a dedicated class mom who takes prides in cooking for her kids and their friends. Those kids love the extra special attention, and their parents are grateful that their child can benefit from safe and healthy products.

An involved member of the community in the quaint village of Sayville, New York on the South Shore of Long Island, Mayra has built a local network of small shops and restaurants that carry and serve her mixes. She joined her local chamber of commerce to gain ideas from fellow business owners and is actively involved in several gluten-free associations where she networks and shares her story with her peers. Showcasing at several local and national expos, Mayra is well on her way to sharing her story and her delicious products for all to enjoy. 

Because family comes first, Mayra, her husband, and their three children, know that the health of their loved ones always come before all else.  It may have started out as an individual journey for her daughter, but now it is a family supported affair.

How Precise GF’s Products are Different

Mayra knew she had to find a special facility to manufacture her mixes as her daughter had a severe nut allergy. So, the search began for a completely nut-free facility. She searched far and wide but there was no suitable facility on Long Island, no less in New York. Luckily, she found a co-packer in New Jersey that fit the bill. 

The difference in Precise’s mixes is what Mayra describes as “a beautiful high-grade of nut-free flour” that comes from California and is used as the base of the products.

Her current stable of mixes includes oatmeal cookie mix and her “original” pancake mix, but on tap are a few more surprises including Keto-friendly mixes, so watch this site for more!  We can’t give away all of Mayra’s secrets!

Where can you find Precise Gluten Free mixes?

Besides direct here on our site (Shop Now), you can find Precise mixes locally at Long Island stores. Click here for a complete list. Plans to expand to other locations are underway as Precise Gluten Free is now a certified vendor for the Taste of New York program and a certified NYC MWBE (Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprise). Also MWBE Certified by Nassau and Suffolk County.