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Precise Mission

Precise Gluten Free Foods was founded by the need for gluten free products that were also soy free, nut free, made with simple clean ingredients. Food that nourishes the body without sacrificing taste, because family meals are meant to be shared. We're committed to bring food allergy awareness by sharing our journey and challenges, while creating a forum to share helpful daily tips. 

Our Story

After our daughter was diagnosed with severe food allergies, some which are life threatening, we faced many challenges. Finding allergen free products that we could all enjoy became our mission, because we decided to exclude the foods, not her. I began creating many delightful recipes for our family, friends and neighbors to enjoy. Placing much emphasis on carefully selected, high quality ingredients. Today as we continue to manage her allergies, she’s our hero and the inspiration behind Precise Gluten Free Foods. 

Thank you for being part of our journey.


Mayra Robayo

Allergy Mom & Founder